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The new RecMic II Series:

Meet the smartest and most flexible USB microphones!

All you need from dictation to transcription

DS-7000: Digital Slide Switch Dictation.

ODDS: Smartphone dictation goes professional. Anytime.Anywhere.

Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) software for easy speech documentation.

Speech Documentation Solutions

Improve Efficiency – Save Money with our Speech-to-Text solutions and professional dictation devices. Discover the complete portfolio for all business areas including Medical, Legal, Financial Sector and more.

Speech-to-Text Solutions

VoiSquare is the first wireless Voice over Intranet solution designed for all clinical needs.

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Highly secure solutions for audio transcription and professional dictation workflow management.

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Mobile Dictation

Dictation wherever and whenever for highest demands. Customizable workflow.

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Desktop Dictation

USB microphone dictation with superior ergonomics and unrivalled reliability.

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References: Quotes & Compatibilities
  • Citrix Ready Whitepaper "How Digital Dictation Saves Time Without Compromising Security"

  • Case Study: From analogue to digital Dictation

  • Digital Transcription at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


RS31H USB Foot pedal with 4 pedals

Hands free control in
any application

The High-End professional footswitch RS31H incorporates
4 buttons to easily control not only Olympus dictation
management software (ODMS, DSS Player Standard,
Sonority), but also your preferred third party software.

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Speech-to-text solution
for the Medical Industry

VoiSquare is the first wireless and highly secure
all-in-one digital medical assistant, which is especially
designed for professional Voice over Intranet solutions –
such as professional dictation and VoIP telephonie.
The android operating system makes it adaptable to an
unlimited amount of use cases. Turning speech into text has
never been easier: thanks to the slide switch which is
enabling blind operation. Via HL7 interface this wireless
device can have a real time access to the individual
Hospital Information System (HIS).

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Which solution are you looking for?

  • DS‑7000, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    Mobile Slide Switch Dictation
  • DS‑3500, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    Mobile dictation via push buttons
  • DS‑5500, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    Digital voice recorder for Professionals
  • DS‑2500, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    Digital dictation for efficiency
  • Office Starter Kit, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    OFFICE STARTER KIT (DS-2500 + AS-2400)
    Smart dictation & transcription
  • RecMic Series, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    RecMic (DR‑2300, DR‑2200, DR‑2100, DR‑1200)
  • Digital Dictation and Transcription Kit ‑ Silver Pro, Olympus, Audio Recording
    All from dictation to text
  • AS‑7000, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    The final link of your speech documentation workflow
  • AS‑2400, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    Comfortable transcription for your business
  • AS‑7032, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    Most comfortable and intelligent hand wrist rest
  • VoiSquare, Olympus, Professional Dictation
    The all‑in‑one digital medical assistant
  • DS-3000, Olympus, Professional Dictation